What do you provide from a shoot?

Not only will you have fun, and get great portraits, but you will receive all photos from the session on a memory stick immediately following the shoot. These will be jpeg files that will vary in size from 7 to 13 Mb in size.

Depending on the package chosen, you will get to select a number of images for post processing. These will be placed in a folder in my dropbox account for you to download. There will also be a copy of the photos reduced in size for you to upload to your social media sites.

None of my photos will have a watermark.

You will also get to select a number of photos that will be printed on a high resolution photo printer, and these will be suitable for framing.

Do you photograph weddings?

No, I don’t do weddings. I am a photographer specialising in portraits. I will do portraits of the bride and bridesmaids in their wedding and bridesmaids gowns similar to a studio shoot prior to the wedding, and provide high quality prints from the shoot. But I will not photograph the wedding.

What is the high resolution printer you constantly mention?

The printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 photo printer. It is a commercial grade photo printer that prints A4, A3 and A2 size paper.

The printer produces images of superior colour tonality and a wide colour gamut with a maximum print resolution of 2880x1440 dpi. The advanced LUT technology gives smoother gradations, reduced grain and superior colour fidelity. The prints are said to last over 100 years.

I print on superior fine art photo paper. This is a smooth matte finish paper designed for the Epson Ultra Chrome K3 ink that I use. I need to wear white cotton gloves when I handle this paper prior to printing.

Will you print photos that haven’t been taken by you?

Yes, but the photos will need to be the full resolution images and have already been post-processed or PhotoShopped. Although I do my printing through PhotoShop to get the widest colour gamut possible, I will not do any post-processing on photos taken by other photographers. I will also not remove any watermark present on the image. You must contact the photographer and request a copy of the photos you wish printed at full resolution and with no watermarks. Most photographers will be obliging.

Do you photograph Events?

Maybe – it depends on the event, but my main focus is portraits. As I said, I am a portrait photographer and this is what I am good at.

What other thing do you photograph?

I photograph many other subjects, ranging from amateur sports to pets, muscle cars and restored cars.

Do you have a studio?

No, I don’t. However, the prices for my Intermediate and Advanced packages includes the cost of either a 2 hour or 4 hour hire of a studio at Tuggerah, just over an hour north of Sydney. If you desire a studio session in Sydney then there are two options. First, I can arrange for a studio but you will have to meet the additional hire costs. The second option is to shoot at your place or some other location you have access to, and I can setup my portable backdrop stand, backdrops and lighting. I have all the equipment for a studio session.

What about payment?

I require a 25% deposit when a booking is made, and full payment prior to the shoot. Once a studio is booked, that booking fee is not refundable due to cancellation. Payment can be made by a funds transfer to my bank account.