"You're an awesome photographer and I had such a great shoot with you. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable experience."

Lucy Price - Escort


"Phil is a great guy, and a joy to work with. He is very creative, and knows how to get the best out of every shot. I learnt as much about myself, as I did about modelling."

Emma Hallo - Model


"Had a lot of fun on this shoot, and we got some amazing photos from spur-of-the-moment ideas."

Bee Bee Gunn - Model


"Amazing photographer and lovely guy. would definitely work with him again."

Erinys Fury - Model

"Phil's an amazing photographer, very directive and patient, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would 100% work with him again and recommend him to models of any experience."

Jessi Jagger - Model


"Hi Phil,

I went through the photos as soon as I got home and I can honestly say that, that would have to be the best photoshoot I have done! All of the photos are amazing and your an absolute amazing photographer! It's really hard to choose which ones are my favourite. 

I would be honoured to work with you again anytime!"

Kallie Stapleford - Model


"Phil was one of the first photographers I ever worked with and a wonderful introduction to the world of photographers. He is extremely respectful and kind, always taking time to make sure everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect with the shoot. He is obviously very passionate about what he does and will strive to get the best shot, while still keeping in mind the well - being of his model. A true gentlemen and artist at heart, it's a joy to work with Phil and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Saskia Maharnie - Model

"Hi Phil

I don't think i actually ever said thank you! The pictures are all so amazing!!  I've popped them on my page.

And i really feel they are going to help.

As for the interview i havent put it on the channel yet as i may be getting interviewed and adding that to the video so that's kinda cool too.

Thanks again. For an amazing photoshoot!!"

Krystal "RaveGirl" Bush - Vocalist


"Hi Saskia,

Thankyou for contacting me, I look up to Phil as a photographer, I find his work exceptional and I feel he goes above and beyond to ensure is clients are happy.

As owner of Exposure Studio's I am at the studio throughout every booking Phil carries out at the studio and I have found him to be very giving of his knowledge and a to be a man with a kind heart.

I have known Phil personally for almost 3 years and in that time I have worked on multiple shoots with Phil and he works in the studio a few times a month.

He is punctual, reliable and prepared, you receive your edited images in a timely manner and Phil is a wealth of knowledge.

Every client he has worked with all leave happy and with a smile on their face, on the odd occasion I have overheard models say how much they enjoyed the shoot.

Phil puts everything he has into his shoots and commits 100%.

If you choose to shoot with Phil, you will be shooting with one of the best photographers that I have had the honour of knowing and I equally honoured to call my friend."

Jody Cherry - Owner/Operator Exposure Studios

"I had a wonderful day yesterday at Exposure Studios. I got the chance to shoot with the incredible Phil Ingram, Phil is such a lovely man, he is so professional and is willing to teach you and give advice. I watched him work with the beautiful Storm-Haylee Crowe. The way he worked with her and she with him was incredible. I cannot tell you just how much I enjoyed working with him. If you are looking for a photographer I highly recommend Phil Ingram, you can find out more about his work at http://phil-ingram.com/
Once again thank you Phil Ingram"

Annette Hodges - Fantastique Feather Creations (from FaceBook Post)

"Here's a few pics from a lighting workshop a while back with Phil Ingram at Exposure Studio .The gorgeous Model is Bianca Rakebrandt & makeup by Jody Marie Cherry. Really enjoyed this workshop as Phil is a wealth of knowledge on photography . So much to take in but I think I absorbed a lot of great tips . Thanks again Phil , Jody & Pete for organising the workshop."

Steve Brown - Photographer  (from FaceBook Post)

"Hi Phil,
Your the best! I had such a great time at our shoot and am in love with so many of the great images you have taken. You are a skilled, respectful, courteous photographer and it made me very relaxed.
I am very pleased to have worked with you, and hope to collaborate again in the future.
Thank you, Silvia"

Ana Silvia Renkie - Model

"Wow, u are a magician with that camera wow Phil it's my favourite shoot to date and that's not a lie wow I'm so happy.

I will shoot anything u want me too your bloody amazing!! I been in the business for a while and I know I found a good photogroapher I'll stick with them."

Ashley McTackett: Adult Entertainer and Model

"Hi Phil

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing photos you did. I had a great time and learn so much with all your tips. You are a professional with an extraordinary passion that shows trough your work.


Silvana Moyano - Photographer and Model

"Hey there,

Just wanted to say thank you for letting me use those images to promote a business that perhaps you are not 100% comfortable with or supportive of. I’m still appreciative of you letting me share the images like that, and I agree that they look classy but still alluring. The photos you took were better than than the photos that were taken of me for Penthouse, so I hope that cheers you!


Ivy Anarchy - Model and Escort

"Thank you so very much for shooting with me last weekend!
I have been looking for someone to shoot...well, everything you did!
Three concepts in three hours and I have a feeling you could have gone for another hour! ;)
You were very easy to work with and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door.
Thank you for everything! I am looking forward to our next shoot!"

Vicky McCay - Model

"Thanks Phil,

I am so much more happier with these than i have been with any photo shoot i’ve done, and i’ve done a lot! Thank you for putting the effort in to making them look professional.



Nikki Withington - Actor

"I have worked with Phil Ingram twice now and found him to be great! I love our
final images and would recommend working with him to anyone that is interested "

Catherine Summers - Model

“I agree that we make a great team! Really loving the work that is coming out of this partnership. Look forward to more shoots with you!


Zoe Page - Model

"Hi Phil,

Yes! I also think we did great. I would love to work together again someday soon. Also I would like to mention that that black drop came out stunning. My skin and hair looked flawless in contrast to the drop. Also the lights were so different and cool. You really have some fantastic and interesting ideas, you are far more creative than any other photographer I have worked with :-)

 Thank you!


Summer Bakri - Model

I am very happy to have met and worked with you, you are professional & courteous, not to mention your eye for detail. Your work is fantastic, and shows that you love what you do.
I am looking forward to working with you again soon.
Bettie Bliss "

Bettie Bliss - Model

Hi Phil,
Great working with you the other day. Your choice of location was fantastic and I really enjoyed the entire shoot. The photos look amazing!

Hannah-Florence - Model